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(Artist Profrile) The new promising voice of alternative music, Nonso Amadi

Published by Skibby Sean 30th April 2018

Nonso Amadi was born on September 1, 1995, to Nigerian parents. Nonso grew up in Nigeria and however, comes from a traditional large Nigerian home, he is the third of a family of seven.
He embarked on his music career in 2012 while at Covenant University where he studied BSc. Chemical Engineering. In 2014, he discontinued studying in Nigeria and moved to Swansea UniversityU.K.and completed his degree. He is now a master’s degree holder from McMaster’s UniversityCanada.

In 2015, Nonso Amadi released his first EP, 'Alone' and just a few months later he put out a follow up single known as “Tonight” which was basically the beginning of stardom for the singer. The song was hugely accepted by his fans and he gained a new fan base in Nigeria. Nonso Amadii cites Jon Bellion as his major musical influence. He is also inspired by the likes of DrakeShakkaJustin Bieber and Bryson triler

No wonder when the Canadian based singer held his first 'Homecoming Concert' in Nigeria back in December 2017, it was not only surprisingly packed full with fans, the number of female fans was so outstanding.
Nonso Amadi comes with a voice that showcases a new era in music and so he could be seen as a trailblazer in his genre of music. We all know the ladies love Nonso Amadi from his looks, style and to the very thing that first caught our attention, his voice

So lover and crushers of Nonso Amadi, if you want to wake up to the sound of an angelic voice like his every morning, take the bold step, don't be shy, send him a message or pray you bump into him at a mall and get his digitsz

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