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[NEWS] Ruggedman Accused Of Refusing To Reveal The Real Cause Of Dagrin’s Death

Ruggedman Nigerian veteran rapper,  has been accused of keeping quiet about the real cause of the death of  Dagrin. 

Yesterday marked the 10th death anniversary of rapper, Dagrin after he was killed in a car accident in Lagos. His colleagues in the music business have taken to social media to pay tribute and Ruggeman did the same. The rapper via his Twitter handle said that he is honored to have witnessed his talent and his departure was one of the hardest truths.  
Ruggedman Tweeted;
 "Dagrin, I am honoured to be one of those who witnessed and featured your great talent. Some truth in life are hard to accept. Your departure is one of those hard truths. Your memories will never be forgotten! They…”
However, a curious twitter fan who feels there is more to the death of the rapper asked ruggedman to tell the real cause of his death and also to explain why his fame lasted for just one year.
He tweeted;
There’s something bout dagrin u guys are not telling us nd I believe u knw de cause of his death @RuggedyBaba .Why did his fame only lasted for just one yr????”
Ruggedman reacted telling the fan not to take advantage of the social media freedom to speak like a retarded person.  
“Dont let social media freedom make you feel it’s ok to speak like a retarded rerard.”