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[NEWS] Brymo Mocked For Saying His Album “Yellow” Is Worth More Than A New Car Gift

Nigerian singer, Brymo has been dragged for saying his album “Yellow” is worth more than a brand new car. 

The conversation started when a Twitter user thanked the singer for releasing such a solid body of work. He added that the album is only for wise people as its lyrics are strong and meaningful. He wrote: ”  Thank you  @BrymOlawale for this album, it’s only for a few wise people. Strong and meaningful lyrics as usual.”
Brymo responded telling the fan not to deprive his acquaintances the opportunity of listening to the album. Brymo went on to state that the album is more worth than a new car gift.  
Thank you… and it’s for everyone, pls don’t deprive your acquaintances the opportunity to share of this greatness for whatever reasons, Yellow is worth more than a new car gift..
A fan who didn’t find his tweet amusing lambasted him for being under the influence of drugs. He wrote: 
“You must be high on cheap drugs, Worth more than a new car gift?? Baba go and sleep abeg”