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[NEWS] Wizkid Set To Go Against Jamaican Singer, Vybez Kartel In A Battle Of Hits

Music lovers have shut down Twitter in reaction to the Wizkid versus Vybez Kartel battle of hits scheduled to hold Today.
Organized by a black owned online station on Twitter, the online show would see Wizkid and the Jamican singer battle it out. 10 different songs from both artistes would be lined up against each other and the winner would be decided by polls.
Nigerians and even Jamaican fans have reacted to the battle of hits and are excited to see who would come out victorious. A lot of fans have expressed their votes online about who would win. Wizkid fans have promised to watch as their StarBoy rips Vybez Kartel apart, while Kartel’s fans are adamant that their Boss would take the victory home.

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@WizkidtheLegend Tweeted;

FC get ready fi roar for WIZKID Today. We haffi win this fi di culture. Polls not 24 hours like before. Turn on @theresnosignall notification now ready fi #NS10v10 . Once the poll goes live, VOTE!!!! Spread the awareness

 @JrAnthoony_ Tweeted;
The new rule is you are to vote immediately. The shortest poll time is 1 hr.
The show begins by 8pm while voting begins by 9pm. Please Be careful before voting, as Only songs from both artistes will be posted not the artiste name. Vote Wizkid’s songs in all the 10 polls.


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