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EXL Films Announces Release Date Of Its Movie: THE CARPENTER


EXL Films is proud to announce the release of its long-awaited movie; The Carpenter. 

Set in one of the suburbs of Lagos, The Carpenter tells a story of how trust, love, and betrayal can easily flip and crumble overnight. 

“The Carpenter is a sublime reflection of how trust and love is interpreted in the modern era and how the society expects you to respond, compared to the pain of betrayal people had to deal with,” according to Adu Kolapo, the movie producer.  

Based on a true-life story, The Carpenter showcased the deceitful nature of one of the lead roles, Damola, and his various attempts to take advantage of his associates and most of the people around him.  

Directed by Babatunde Oyeniya, The Carpenter features several Nollywood actors including Yinka Smart, Jumoke George, Tracy Obacy, Damilola Adegboro, Kunle Omisore, and Oluwabusayo Idowu amongst several others.  

Speaking about the movie, Yinka Smart, one of the lead characters in The Carpenter said “The intriguing storyline of the movie and its eventual outcome were some of the key things that really inspired me to play one of the lead roles in the movie. This is one movie I’d like to watch over and over again.” 

The Carpenter is produced and filmed by award winning filmmaker Adu kolapo (EXLfilmz).