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[MUSIC] Dollar Sign Pyramid Ft. Burna Boy - 23 (Cover)

 Dollar Sign Pyramid, is from the south (edo state) but grew up in the north (kaduna) he started music ever since he could talk, walk and express himself, maybe as early as 3 or 2.
Dollar $Ign pyramid is a multi tasking music producer , rappa and singer, his a different breed, mixing hip hop(Trap) with afro beats and dance hall, he makes new generational type of music, taking afro beats and alte, into the next form, with his outstanding skill with his computer , he can play melodies and and sing to them like a Rock band all by himself , the young artist is breaking bounds thru the industry with his unique blend of afro beats and trap music , he makes his own beats, write his own lyrics and records himself in a genius form and produces amazing body of work that blends across all young, middle age and even the older guys.
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Instagram : @dollarsignpyramid
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